About DBT

We, the team of creators, researchers, and writers for Designing Brighter Tomorrows, are here for those of you in your second half of life. We aim to bring you ideas on how you can live your life in the fullest, most satisfying ways possible. You have an abundance of life experience, and can step into a life where you are as healthy and able as possible.  Your families and communities need what you have to offer.  In many cultures across the world, those who have lived much of life are vital resources.

We focus on seven areas that are each important in every life (see graphic below). Our aim is to have information available in many ways.  Keep coming back to visit us and see the new articles, videos, audio files, and graphic presentations that are available in these seven different areas.

We will keep adding new topics.  There will be additional authorities in a number of areas who will be contributing their expertise to this website, so keep an eye out for what is new.

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