“Meetup” – an Online Way to Connect with Others in Your Community

“Meetup” – an Online Way to Connect with Others in Your Community

The Meetup website originated in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001.  The co-founder, Scott Heiferman was inspired by the way that the people in New York City came together after that tragic event. There are now Meetup groups all over the world, over 100,000 in-person meetings each week.

Meetup is a great tool to meet people in your area if you have just moved there, had a major life change like retirement or being widowed, or just want to connect with others to learn more about a mutual interest.

  • You can join Meetup for free
  • Some Meetup groups have dues or fees, and some are free
  • You can find a group based on your location and interests
  • Groups can be open or private
  • Sections of a Meetup group can be private
  • Some groups require you to answer some questions as you join, or the group may require you to be approved to join


Video and Information Resources:

What’s Meetup
Length: 2:42

This gives a good overview of the purpose of Meetup:


To use Meetup, you will need to go to their website to set up a free account. This is a fairly straight-forward process. There is the option of creating a profile for your account. Do keep in mind that there are ways to protect yourself from having others contact you.

Once you have set up your account, you can search for a Meetup by subject in your area. There are many categories that you can search:



The other option is to enter a word or words into the search box.

You then search by location, entering distance from a specific city:


Keep watching this post for additional information on how to use this wonderful resource for connecting with others. Future information will cover instructions on how to start a Meetup group.

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